Our Vision

We are ‘place makers.’ At Resolution Property we understand it takes experience, expertise, and innovation to create properties that provide a vibrant atmosphere for the people living working and shopping in them. Resolution Property is about transformation, spaces reborn. We seek out refurbishment, upcycling and development potential. Our restoration projects and redevelopments reflect how property is used in these fast-moving times. We are pioneers in transforming bricks and mortar into desirable lifestyle hubs.


Resolution Property’s close-knit team combines a unique blend of skills, and brings together expertise in architecture, banking, leasing, law, finance, real estate investment and international property development (a total of more than 250 years of combined experience). We invest on behalf of insurance companies, pension funds, family offices and endowments from across the globe.

Since our creation in 1998 we have developed some of Europe’s most successful and innovative projects. We understand and are excited by the ways in which the real estate is changing and have a proven track record for being at the forefront of those changes, creating cutting-edge work spaces and vibrant retail destinations in the UK and across Europe.


Built on two decades of experience, Resolution Property has acquired, repurposed, repositioned and disposed of more than €3 billion of real estate in the UK and across Europe. During this period Resolution Property has raised five funds from leading global institutions. Paying careful attention to initial stock selection and scope for active management, we offer investors a depth of experience, expertise and reliability – a pair of very safe hands with an outstanding track record.

Capital raised in total
circa. £2,000,000,000
Assets acquired
Number of funds
20 years
Number of investors
Sq ft of assets managed
22,000,000,000 sq ft